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Thursday, January 30, 2020
By Dave Graybill
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. Today we catch up with another fishing guide from North Central Washington who was at the Sportsmen's Show in Puyallup, Austin Moser. You wouldn't know it to look at Austin success guiding anglers, but salmon fishing was something that came later in life for him. Austin says he grew up fishing walleye and bass and that he could never get it out of his system. So with the decline in some of the offerings for salmon fishing from a guide's perspective, Austin knew he'd have to diversify. Enter walleye. Moser was one of many putting on fishing seminars for walleye in Puyallup in the tank filled with giant walleye provided by fellow guide Shane Magnuson. Moser guides walleye on the Columbia, Banks Lake and Lake Roosevelt. In addition, he says the fishery for big, keeper sturgeon on Lake Roosevelt is becoming more and more popular. The slot limit for sturgeon on Roosevelt is 52-to-64 inches with two keepers per year. So be sure to look for Austin's brightly-colored Fish Fighter boat anywhere from the mouth of the Columbia at Astoria to near the Canadian border in Kettle Falls. Until next time, Good Fishing!