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Reports > 2019 > February > Tuesday 19
Tuesday, February 19, 2019
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. Marion had been after me since we got our tax information in the mail the end of January to get our taxes done. So last weekend we made a trip across the mountains to see "Mr. Paul", as she calls him. Once he delivered the news, which was good, I asked him about making a purchase this year. Immediately I could feel the alarmed stare of my wife as I inquired about a boat. I told him I do this on the side and have a video production company as well and inquired about a write off. Minutes later we were in the truck heading north on I-5 and Marion was aghast. "You're going to buy a boat?! When were you going to tell me?!" I laughed and told her, "it doesn't hurt to ask and to have a look." So we sat down to Craigslist last night to see what's out there for a price I deemed doable. I'd like to get away from fiberglass and go aluminum since they're lighter to tow and better for river fishing. I'm not sure about a jet, though, so I'd like your input. Until next time, Good Fishing!