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Reports > 2018 > February > Wednesday 14
Wednesday, February 14, 2018
By Dave Graybill
I have been wondering if a trip to Banks Lake for walleye would be worthwhile, and I just got a report that makes me want to make the effort. My buddy Johnny, at Hooked on Toys in Wenatchee, was just up there. He said he got off to a slow start, mainly because he was looking for fish, and he discovered, trolling too fast. When he fished at 60 feet deep he found walleye in the water that is still just 37 degrees. He was trolling Slow Death Hook rigs with Smile Blades, and when he slowed his speed to point 5 and point 6 mph his luck improved. He wound up with four walleye from 15 to 17 inches, and he got a nice perch and a big burbot, too. He thinks that getting a limit of walleye is possible on Banks now that he has found the depth and speed that will get them to bite. This is good news for other walleye waters, like Potholes and even Moses Lake. Both of these lakes are much more shallow than Banks and should warm up faster. I would sure like to get some walleye this spring. My freezer is empty!