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Reports > 2018 > February > Tuesday 06
Tuesday, February 6, 2018
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. Despite the moon-phase prediction I mentioned in my last report and that fishing would be on the downward trend, I packed up my camping and fishing gear Friday afternoon and headed north to Rufus Woods Reservoir. This time, I was completely prepared to camp in a LEGAL area, rather than pitching my cot tent in an area I had no idea was closed to overnight camping. I arrived at the entrance to Bridgeport State Park at 5:30pm and could go no further. As those of you see on this Facebook post, the gate to the camping area was locked tight. Even though it clearly says on the website that the park is open to camping year around and the wintertime rules state those in trailers need to be self-contained. But there I was, truck full of camping gear and the State Park locked up tighter than a drum. So I reversed engines and headed for the Bridgeport Marina RV Park. It was covered in five inches of snow and the only thing cleared was the road leading through it. So, I camped illegally again because that was the only thing available. Yes, I fished, more on that Thursday. Until next time, Good Fishing!