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Reports > 2018 > February > Friday 02
Friday, February 2, 2018
By Dave Graybill
I missed out on a good day on Lake Roosevelt. I postponed my trip with Austin Moser, and when I talked to him about his day on Thursday, he said his people had a blast. They hooked 17 big rainbow, up to 22 inches. He started over near the mouth of the San Poil Arm and they got 12 in the first hour and a half. He could have limited on rainbow, but he is really trying to get into the kokanee, so he moved. Everyone is eager for the kokanee to show up in this area of Lake Roosevelt, but with the rainbow fishing as good, no one is disappointed. The action on rainbow is fast, and the red bands they release are beautiful. The table quality of the rainbow is arguably the best in the state, too. When they do hook and land a kokanee it will be trophy for sure. Austin is going at it hard, and when the big kokanee show up he will be on the water and ready for them. I hope to get up there very soon, with my cameras to capture the action. Keep any eye on my reports for an update.