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Reports > 2018 > February > Monday 05
Monday, February 5, 2018
By Dave Graybill
A finally got back out on the water for a day. Between the cold season, the sport shows and meetings, I haven’t been able to get any fishing in. I can’t thank Austin Moser enough for letting me ride along with his clients on Lake Roosevelt last Saturday. There weren’t many boats in the parking lot at Spring Canyon, where I met the boat at 8 a.m. Reports had been dismal the past few days. Earlier in the week Austin had been catching double digit numbers of rainbow, but fishing had gotten worse toward the weekend. Ever optimistic, though, we put the gear out in heavy fog and trolled along the can line above the dam. We got three fish here, two of which were native red band rainbow, which we released. Austin ran the boat up to Swawilla Basin, and the fog finally burned off enough for us to see where we were. We got nothing here and then ran all the way up an area way below the cliffs and trolled that shoreline all the way up to the white pipes. Fishing was slow on Saturday, but it will pick up and I want to be there when it does.