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Reports > 2018 > August > Wednesday 29
Wednesday, August 29, 2018
By Dave Graybill
I will call this report “stubborn doesn’t catch fish”. On my last trip to Banks Lake I watched my fishing partners, Brian and Leigh Ann Nielson, catch walleye while I stuck with my favorite lures. They were using a blue scale Smile Blade on a Slow Death Hook. I have always had very good success with the Dutch Fork Turtle Back blade in the Blue Tiger color or the Butterfly Blade in the same pattern. Well, this just wasn’t getting the job done on this particular day. In the early afternoon I finally put on a Super Slow Death Hook, with no beads or blades. This is my brother Rick Graybill Go-To rig, and he has kicked butt using it. I have a bunch of these tied up and ready do go. When I put this on I finally started catching fish. We left the lake short of our limits that day, and it was because I stubbornly stuck with something that wasn’t working. It was a reminder to me that with walleye you have to be willing to try something different if you want to be successful. Lesson learned.