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Reports > 2018 > August > Thursday 16
Thursday, August 16, 2018
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. The smoke in North Central Washington is making life miserable for a lot of folks. I was in Chelan the other day and saw very few people outside, and the ones who were didn't look very happy. Can you imagine? Sometime last year, Mom's and Dad's circled dates on a calendar for the family to take a vacation in Chelan, or anywhere else in North Central Washington. They found an air B&B or condo to rent for the week, made their non-refundable deposit and were good to go! Then, summer in Eastern Washington comes and it seems the new normal is for forest fires to break out along with it. So the Johnson's unwittingly pack up the family suburban in their Western Washington driveway and head east over the mountains. The further they drive, the more they realize the cloudiness is not clouds, it's smoke. Then the hoping and wishing begins while clutching the steering wheel that it won't be that bad where they're going. Only to realize it's worse. The whole time they're here on vacation, the air is thick with smoke. I understand the dour looks on faces. Well, there's October! Until next time, Good Fishing!