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Reports > 2018 > August > Friday 24
Friday, August 24, 2018
By Dave Graybill
I am really looking forward to going fishing today. I am not sure about the “catching”, but the fishing is going to be great. At least a couple times a year I get out on the water with Brian Neilson, of BJs Guide Service and James Lebow. Both are from Moses Lake and we usually do pretty good on the catching side of things, but we always have a great time fishing. We have been fishing together for probably ten years and really know how to push each others buttons. We argue about which rigs to try and where to go on the lake. The debate on whether a right hand crank reel is better than left hand cranking has been going on for years. These two have been stars in a few of my Fishing TV shows on walleye fishing. We are heading up to Banks Lake. I talked Brian into taking a busman’s holiday. There will be a serious attempt to catch some walleye on both crank baits and spinners, but we plan to spend some time fishing for smallmouth bass. The constant action makes for a guaranteed good time on Banks. Boy, it’s going to be fun.