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Reports > 2016 > April > Friday 29
Friday, April 29, 2016
By Dave Graybill
Last Tuesday was a classic day of fishing not catching for me and fishing buddy Rollie Schmitten. I wanted to see if Rufus Woods Reservoir was worth fishing at the Bridgeport end, and then try for bass at Washburn Pond. Schmitten is always willing to do some exploring and test some water with me so away we went. The parking lot was empty when we arrived, and maybe that was a sign. We trolled the east shore, then the can line and then ran up to the first pump. Not a single bite. I tried a variety of things that always worked for me in the past but no dice. The Colville Tribe planted 24,000 triploids already in Rufus Woods and has plant of 10,000 planned for April and May, but we sure didn’t find them. We dropped down to Washburn Ponds, which is just a short distance off Highway 97. It is known for really good fishing for largemouth bass, and a friend had fished it a couple of times taking double digit numbers of bass here. Not the day we tried it. We fished a lot of great looking water, and saw a few nice bass, but again didn’t get one bite. It was a beautiful day, though, and the company was great. That’s fishing!