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Reports > 2023 > September > Thursday 21
Thursday, September 21, 2023
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. After a sleepless night at the State Park in Conconully thanks to the stench of a wandering skunk, I was up early Sunday morning to try fishing again. I had barely time to get both rods down on the downriggers when the first one went off with the signature tug-tug-tug of a fish. Sure enough, I reeled up a tiny, little smallmouth bass. Back down again and it went off again, this time with a trout I lost at the boat. This happened two more times as the overcast skies had the fish craving the Kokabow gold spinner I had on trailing a gold and black Kokabow blade. Then, just as quickly as the bite came on, it went away. I trolled around for a few more hours with the lake all to myself and nothing happened. So, I pulled the boat out of the water and headed home, listening to the Seahawks on the radio. One thing I did notice while trolling around with the water level so low is how the lapping waters had made horizontal marks along the shoreline. I talk about it in a video on today's Facebook page. Until next time, Good Fishing!