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Reports > 2023 > March > Wednesday 22
Wednesday, March 22, 2023
By Dave Graybill
Anglers often say that fishing has its ups and downs. My fishing partners Eric Granstrom and Rollie Schmitten and I can sure attest to that. We were elated with our luck last Monday morning, when we landed three triploids at the middle net pens on Rufus Woods Reservoir, including one that weighed at least 20 pounds. We didn’t get another fish the rest of the day, but it didn’t matter. A fish like this makes the whole trip an epic adventure. As Rollie said, it was just great to be present to see probably the biggest trout we’ll ever see successfully landed. We raced to Coulee Playland to get some additional tackle to use the next morning, when we planned to start our day at the same place. We did and had a dramatically different experience. We didn’t even get a bite. Really, not a single bite at the middle or upper pens. I finally dug out a couple of trolling rods and clipped on some big Flicker Shads and trolled up the river. I finally landed my only fish of the trip, a dinky 12-incher. What a difference a day makes. As they say, That’s Fishing!