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Reports > 2023 > March > Friday 03
Friday, March 3, 2023
By Dave Graybill
I just had to drive down to the Quincy Wildlife Area and check out Burke and Quincy lakes. As I suspected both of them were covered with ice. Last year at this time I saw people out on Burke fishing through the ice. There was no sign of holes being drilled this year, and I don’t think the layer of ice on the lakes is very thick. When you drive into the Wildlife Area the first lake you pass is Stan Coffin, which is a popular lake with bass and other spiny ray species anglers. There is a lot of open water on this shallow lake, which gives me hope that the ice on Burke and Quincy won’t last much longer. In the mean time I am going to try to get up to Rufus Woods and Lake Roosevelt for some shore fishing. It can be great this time of year. I also hear the walleye fishing has been outstanding on Rufus Woods. I also like to take my flyrod down to Rocky Ford Creek, now that there are days with temperatures in the 40s. Spring is dragging its feet to get here, but there are still plenty of angling opportunities.