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Reports > 2022 > December > Thursday 29
Thursday, December 29, 2022
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. I was flipping through the ole "interweb" the other day, looking for inspiration and found it in the form of Sam Baird. Seems Sam's been out fishing through the ice for perch recently and doing very well. He also shared his #1 go-to lure/bait for fishing perch through the ice, a Swedish Pimple with a perch eyeball. That's the same approach I use and wondered what other folks use. So, I polled my fishing friends and asked the same question. By far and away, the #1 go-to is the Swedish Pimple. I also got some other answers I'll have to try. Richy Harrod says his go-to is the Sonic Baitfish. Same goes for Mike Roth. Joseph Garcia was a font of information. He said, "live maggot with a very good glow tungsten jig. ... I think the most important this is to ditch all your line and put on 4lb Seagar Red Lable fluorocarbon on all your ice rods." He added that with the fluorocarbon, "its invisible with about 90% more bites." The warmup and rain mean the ice is not safe for now but will be again soon. Until next time, Good Fishing!