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Reports > 2020 > November > Tuesday 03
Tuesday, November 3, 2020
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. Have you ever been in someone else's boat? If so, I'm sure you treat it with great respect. After all, they thought enough of you to invite you to come along in the first place. I know I treat other's boats better than my own. I guess Dad taught me right. At a very early age, I became aware of the Golden Rule through the great outdoors. Leave it better than how you found it. Do unto others as you'd have done unto you. I certainly wouldn't go on someone else's boat and leave garbage around, pee on the floor or try to sink it. That just doesn't make sense. In a broader context, it seems Americans are forgetting this simple concept regarding today's election. No longer can we agree to disagree. No longer does there seem to be a healthy debate. It's either my way or the highway. Or worse. Our great uncle Art had a Zhen saying, "not to worry." In other words, what will be will be. So don't worry about it. Put yourself in another's boat. Do we enjoy the trip, or act in a way to sink us? Until next time, Good Fishing!