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Reports > 2020 > November > Monday 16
Monday, November 16, 2020
By Dave Graybill
When there is a break in the weather that will allow me to get out on the water in the Kingfisher, one of the places that I would like to fish first is Lake Chelan. I have had some good days of kokanee fishing on the big lake this time of year. Launching at the State Park I head for the Yacht Club. Starting above the Yacht Club, where the channel opens, I look for schools of fish along the eastern shore. I may have to run up to Mitchell Creek, and if there isn’t any wind I will shoot all the way up to 25 Mile Creek. Schools of kokanee can be few and far between at times, but I can usually find enough of them to make for a good day. The fish are most likely going to be down 100 to 130 feet, so I will run two downriggers and put two rods out the back with four- to six-ounce lead balls. I know I have the gear to get them. I have always done well with Kokabow blades and either squidders or spinners. I tend to use bright color blades on bright days and darker ones on overcast days. The orange squidders have been very effective and I will always have one of these out on Chelan. Although I use orange spinners and sometimes pink, one of my favorites is the Ravisher. I always put two kernels of white shoe peg corn on each hook and douse them with Graybill’s Guide Formula.
Here I am with a nice kokanee caught on a winter trip to Lake Chelan.