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Reports > 2020 > November > Thursday 05
Thursday, November 5, 2020
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. Seems impossible that a memory tickled my brain that was from 11-years ago. I was reading Dave's report yesterday about fly fishing Rufus Woods Reservoir for triploids and how, once again this year, we wouldn't have a steelhead fishery on the Upper Columbia. That's when I harkened back to a time I was fishing with Dave and Brent Rhodes of KKRV below Wells Dam. It was cold and I remember Brent threatening not to come if it was too cold. I'm not sure if we were targeting steelhead, but that's exactly what I caught. My Dad bought me a new rod for my birthday that year and it was my first chance to try it out. Dave had me put on a plug that we drifted behind the boat. The other rods were working off the downriggers. Suddenly, my rod doubled over and the fight was on. I couldn't believe how hard the fish pulled against the current. I heard my rod complaining as I reeled. It was my first-ever steelhead and what a beaut! For those on Facebook, you can see a photo. I sure miss fishing for steelhead. Until next time, Good Fishing!