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Reports > 2020 > November > Friday 06
Friday, November 6, 2020
By Dave Graybill
I described my plan for Tuesday Wednesday’s report, and promised share how it turned out. It got off to a rough start. One of my buddies had to drop out at the last minute. He caught a cold and didn’t want to expose me and the others. Heck, you don’t take any chances these days. My other friends showed up with their boat and wanted to fish from it, so off we went. I had them follow me down to the net pens since they hadn’t been there before. That was the whole idea, to show them the fishing area so they could do it themselves later on. You know how we have talked about wanting to really show off a fishing spot and wow your friends—and then it didn’t happen? Well, it was close to this. We wanted to fly fish and actually caught some doing it. Then it started to pour down rain. We just wanted to get some fish and get out of there. I had two bait rods in the boat, just in case, and I got a fish in about two minutes. They broke one off and landed one and we took off for home.