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Reports > 2020 > March > Thursday 12
Thursday, March 12, 2020
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. I think we're getting a little taste of what it was like in the 50's when Polio was the big scare. Dad has told us stories about kids in the neighborhood who were thought to have Polio and they weren't allowed to go play with them. Terms like iron lung became common place and parents were gripped in fear throughout the world. Now, we have something that sounds like a beer that's causing fear. Sporting events will continue on without fans. That should be interesting to listen to. Imagine large arenas empty, besides the 10 players and three officials on the court. The sounds of 20-sneakers squeaking up and down the court while the sounds of grunting and groaning men trying to get position with the hallow sound of a bouncing ball echoing off the empty seats. It might be kind of fun. It may even be someone peaceful. Almost like fishing. There's nothing like the sound of water lapping up against the hull on a lazy, sun-splashed spring day. The pierce of a bird call and the hum of a downrigger line slicing through the water. This is a good chance for us all to just listen. Until next time, Good Fishing!