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Monday, March 9, 2020
By Dave Graybill
I made a trip to Chelan last week, choosing a day when the wind wouldn’t be howling. My brother in law Tom Verschueren and I launched at the State Park and ran to Green’s Landing, which is just above the Yacht Club channel. I ran out two rods, both with the new Kokabow Copper Series blades and Tom’s favorite orange, Talon squid. I baited the hooks with white shoe peg corn that had been soaked in Graybill’s Guide Formula Kokanee scent. We got our first fish at 8:30, right after I had put the gear out, and we got six boom, boom, boom. Then the bite died. I passed a friend and he had 18. He said he had his riggers set at 105 feet. Mine were at 103 feet and we were trolling the same speed. I didn’t see him land a fish after 9. It just quit. We ran up to Mitchell Creek, and then even further up the lake and got three more. It was pretty obvious that you needed to be on the water early that day, if you wanted a limit of kokanee. The fish were all 12 or 13 inches.
I love the new Kokabow Copper Series blades, and the Mauk Fishing Stuff holder.