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Reports > 2020 > March > Monday 23
Monday, March 23, 2020
By Dave Graybill
A friend called saying he wanted to try the shore fishing at Spring Canyon Park on Lake Roosevelt. A friend of his had been up there recently and got a bunch of big rainbow. Getting out of the house sounded good to me, so I jumped in the F-150 early the next morning and met them on the beach. Three of us fished, for at least three hours without landing a fish, so we gave it up. They headed home and I decided to make the drive to Keller, since I was so close. I fished for an hour without a bite. I did stop and take a couple of photos of the launch, which I posted on my Facebook Page, along with shots of the launch at Spring Canyon. Both of these site are functional and being used. I also stopped at the launch at Northrup on Banks Lake and found that the docks are in already here. I can’t figure out why the fishing sucked so badly. There had been a couple of nice sunny days, and the moon was just a thumbnail in the early morning sky. Everything was pointing to a great day to have a line in the water. So much for my theories about when is a good time to go fishing. Just go as often as you can is my conclusion. It was a beautiful day for a tour!
Banks Lake was like a mirror on Thursday. Steamboat Rock was reflected perfectly.