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Reports > 2020 > March > Thursday 05
Thursday, March 5, 2020
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. I come from a long-line of gazers. It comes naturally, really. Some of my earliest memories are of spending long hours gazing with my Dad. I also remember gazing with my Grandfather Ben too. What do I mean by gazing? It's riding or driving down any road, anywhere, anytime, and looking for wildlife out the window. You know, gazing! It drives my wife nuts. I can't tell you how many time she's hollered from the passenger seat, "Will you watch the road?!" I guess it could be considered, technically, as distracted driving. But it takes years of honing the skill to be able to spot a deer on a hill a half-mile away while pointing the hood of your rig down a busy highway. I was in awe of Ben's ability to spot an elk over a mile away. And he would know right away if it was a bull and would even holler out how many points it had. Of course, it wasn't until we were safely pulled over with the spotting scope on the hood that we could confirm his gaze. Ask any of us gazers and we'll tell you, we just can't help it. Until next time, Good Fishing!