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Thursday, July 23, 2020
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. If you've never fished for salmon in the Upper Columbia River, now's the time to try. The Brewster Pool above Wells Dam opened for fishing last week and, on all accounts, is on fire, especially for sockeye. The thermal barrier has set up off the mouth of the Okanogan River and the sockeye are holding. According to the latest dam counts by the Fish Passage Center, 68,005 sockeye have gone over Wells Dam in the period between July 15th and 19th. That's an average of 13,601 per day! If you don't have a boat, I'd highly recommend connecting with one of many great guides that are working those waters right now for a fun, and seemingly quick trip. Sockeye are a great introductory salmon for kids too. They are fun, but not too hard to catch. In addition, I'm hearing reports of a good king catch going on at Brewster as well as at Chelan Falls. Of course, both of these fisheries are an early morning show, as in be at the launch at 4am. In Brewster, the wait at the launch can be extreme, so pack some patience. Until next time, Good Fishing! (photo credit: Shane Magnuson - Upper Columbia Guide Service)