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Reports > 2020 > July > Thursday 09
Thursday, July 9, 2020
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. There we were, a beautiful sun-splashed day fishing Billy Clapp Lake. Marion and I had landed quite a few nice rainbow that were swimming around in the live well. We relaxed as the trolling motor whizzed away on the bow with only the occasional sound of a passing bird or jumping fish to disturb the silence. That's when Marion said she had someone to introduce me to. I drowsily emerged from my far-away, deep thoughts and said, "huh?" Marion said, "I want to introduce you to Melanie." At this point, I though Marion had enjoyed one too many carbonated beverages and I was about to cut her off when she produced a Barbie doll. She explained that she's had this doll since the 60's when she was a child and it goes on adventures with her. Next thing I know, we're posing Melanie with fish and on the side of the boat. She said she got the posing idea from social media posts from friends who took their GI Joe dolls to hunting camp. It's silly, but fun and certainly grabs a bunch of attention. Melanie is now my friend too. Until next time, Good Fishing!