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Reports > 2020 > July > Friday 03
Friday, July 3, 2020
By Dave Graybill
I already had plans for July 1st, and instead of fishing for sockeye like many anglers here, I went to Potholes Reservoir. Sockeye fishing would have been more productive, but even though the fishing wasn’t great, I was able to spend the day with good friends for the first time this season. Brian Nielson and James Lebow and I have fished Potholes many times over the years, and both of them have been fishing Potholes for decades. Brian even guided on the reservoir for many years. In spite of their long experience there is always a heated debate about where we should look for fish. We all have to put in our two cents about where the walleye should be. As a result, we fished a dozen different spots, and all produced about the same results. We got a bunch bites but only landed one walleye. We could have looked for the habitat boxes and fished for crappie and bluegill and got a bunch. The bluegill on Potholes are real whoppers and crappie fishing here has been terrific. We didn’t even encounter any largemouth or smallmouth bass, which really surprised us. They are abundant in Potholes. We usually get several while walleye fishing.
Bluegill are real whoppers on Potholes. This one measured over 10 inches.