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Reports > 2020 > July > Monday 27
Monday, July 27, 2020
By Dave Graybill
I was on Banks Lake last Wednesday, taking Kevin Brown and his Dad Dan fishing. This was my making good on a promise to take them fishing for returning a fly rod that I had lost on the Deschutes River in Oregon. We had a good day catching walleye, and now for the second day of their visit I was going to take them to the net pens on Rufus Woods. I had told them stories of big triploids and the possibility of catching some more walleye while we were at it. Of course, I was nervous. Whenever you tell people about how well you did when fishing anywhere on your last trip, Lady Luck will find a way to make you look bad. However, my claims of great fishing on Rufus Woods proved to be true. I would have them drop their lines just below the pens and we would troll our walleye bottom bouncers baited with nightcrawlers downstream. We made maybe four passes and had our six triploids and two walleye in the cooler. We were so excited that we ran back to Banks and tried for more walleye. That was a bust, but overall, the two days were a success.
Kevin and Dan Brown pose with our catch of triploid rainbow and walleye on Rufus Woods.