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Reports > 2020 > April > Wednesday 01
Wednesday, April 1, 2020
By Dave Graybill
I could make April Fools jokes about how I have had some great fishing, but that would be cruel. Like everyone else I am trying to fill my time being productive in one way or another. I have my boat already loaded with walleye gear and the batteries are on trickle charge. So, for now I am going attack my garage and try to clean up the mess I have created out there. I tend to grab what need and then throw it somewhere when I get back and grab what I need for the next trip. It gets to be a real jumble. My wife is convinced that I won’t need to buy any fishing gear this year. I will find enough stuff that I forgot I had to get me through the season. My brother-in-law gave me some cool storage bins that are still empty. These will really help. I will also start going through my tackle boxes and cleaning them out as well. I have some leaders to tie, and I also need to put my walleye leaders in order and even my kokanee leaders. I have some good storage systems for them and once I have them all loaded up I am good to go for a long period of time. I will let you know what I use and see if they may help you, too.