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Thursday, April 2, 2020
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. It's easy to get mad and lay the blame. Believe me, I know. I'd much rather be out fishing than working from home with my wife and having my honey-do list grow exponentially. I'd much rather be collecting my blind and my decoys and preparing for a turkey season that's supposed to start April 15th. But I can't. We are in uncharted waters here. Never in the history of our state, this country, or the world have we faced a modern-time pandemic such as this. If you want to be mad at anyone, be mad at the Coronavirus. I have two coworkers who are having to stay home because of a 3rd-handed positive test for COVID. The threat is real. My Dad is 77 and is staying home. He and I share a lovely trait. We can't stand it when someone tells us we can't do something. That makes us want to do it even more and flip the bird to the powers that be. But for all of us to get back on the water and out in the woods, be smart now and we'll enjoy our pastime later. Until next time, Stay Healthy!