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Friday, April 24, 2020
By Dave Graybill
There was an article in Northwest Sportsman magazine that got my attention. The article detailed, and included photographs, of an unusual catch made a commercial carp fisherman. He was fishing at Bateman Island near the mouth of the Yakima River, and landed a pair of what are apparently shortnose gar. One was 24 inches and the other 36 inches long. If you are not familiar with these very toothy critters, they can reach a length of 9 feet! These fish are native to the Gulf Coast and Mississippi River, and must have been released from someone’s pond or aquarium. Most people are aware of the current threat and efforts to remove northern pike from the Columbia River, and having shortnose gar appear is not a good development. Just how well these gar would survive in the Columbia River is not known, and the Yakima Tribe is conducting an electro shocking effort to locate and remove these fish. So far this has been unsuccessful. Hopefully, only this pair exists and there is no evidence of a widespread problem. I want to remind everyone that the Colville Tribe is paying $10.00 for each northern pike head turned into stations along Lake Roosevelt. Visit their web site to learn more.