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Reports > 2020 > April > Tuesday 21
Tuesday, April 21, 2020
By Dave Graybill
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. The sound was pretty unmistakable. Although the wing flap of a turkey coming out of its roost on this particular morning sounded more like a pterodactyl. All things were now amplified by the blood pouring through my veins from my hammering heart. One look at in my Dad's eyes and I could see his pressure was also elevated. At that point, he began slowly sliding a wooden handle over what looked like an oversize wooden match box. An eerie screeching sound echoed through the forest. Before he could even finish, a tom turkey gobbled nearby. True daylight was still minutes from helping our dim view. The world was a morph of green and brown blobs beneath a canopy of black and blue. Dad called a few more times, each of which cut off by the excited male turkey. He motioned for me to move up a few trees and he'd stay behind. I crawled about 20-yards and sat at the base of a pine while he continued calling. Suddenly, there it was. It's tail feathers were fanned and bright blue and red head bobbed. More on my first turkey Thursday. Until next time, Stay Healthy!