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Friday, April 3, 2020
By Dave Graybill
With fishing closed and not much hope that it will reopen anytime soon, I am getting some things done that I have been putting off for quite a while. One of the first things I am going to do when I can get back out in the boat is to fish for kokanee and walleye. Maybe not in that order, but I want to get things ready. I have some different ways to store my walleye and kokanee lures, and one of the best things that I have found are the leader boards available from Fish Eng Products. My buddy Dave Eng has been supplying these boards to anglers for years, and I find them the best way to store kokanee leaders, walleye leaders and other lures. What’s even better is that they all fit into a Plano box. I can get 17 walleye or Kokabow Fishing Tackle leaders on each board, and I can fit three of these into the Plano box. When you get the large size boards you will want to get the Plano box #3731 at the same time. This has been the best solution for storing my Kokabow spinners and walleye Slow Death hooks and leaders tied up and ready to go.