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Reports > 2019 > September > Wednesday 18
Wednesday, September 18, 2019
By Dave Graybill
The Hanford Reach is a big stretch of water that extends from the Highway 395 Bridge in Pasco all the way up to Priest Rapids Dam. This is known as the last free flowing area of the Columbia and can be intimidating to those who aren’t familiar with the water. I talk to anglers who are either new to the area or have never tried the fall fishing down here and want to know where to go and how to fish for fall kings. I have the same answer for them. Better get the booklet that was written by my brother Rick Graybill, who works at Hooked on Toys in Wenatchee. In this booklet he describes with detailed photos and maps the different fishing areas in the Reach and the various techniques that anglers use to catch these big kings. It is the best information I know of on fishing the Hanford Reach. The only thing better would be to hire a guide. I would highly recommend that you give Austin Moser a call and see if he has any dates available. There is no better way to learn about where to fish and how to catch them than going with an experienced guide. It is well worth the cost of the trip.