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Reports > 2019 > September > Friday 13
Friday, September 13, 2019
By Dave Graybill
Thanks to my fishing buddy James Lebow, I had a very fun day of walleye fishing. He had told me that he caught some a couple of weeks ago on Billy Clapp, and I talked him into taking me. Last Tuesday I met him at the launch, and we ran up to the top end, near Summer Falls, to start fishing. Although I had been warned that it would be snaggy, I immediately lost all my stuff on the rock bottom. I grabbed my spare rod and went back to work. I started catching walleye on a small Dutch Fork Butterfly blade on a Slow Death hook and continued catching them all day long. But they were small, maybe 8 to 10 inches. I don’t know how many of these undersized fish I caught. If I said 20, I would be very conservative. James was getting them, too, and we were busy all day long. I also got five smallmouth. We did manage to put a dozen keepers in the live well, though. We only had three dozen nightcrawlers, and we were down to fishing “frankenworms” as James called them. That meant that we would thread pieces of worm on the hook. It worked!