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Reports > 2019 > September > Thursday 05
Thursday, September 5, 2019
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. In October of 2014, my plan came together. I'd been working on it for nearly a year with fishing guide and good buddy Shane Magnuson. It came to me while we were bobbing around on the lower Columbia River, filming another episode for Fishing Magician TV. I pulled Shane aside and asked him if he thought it would be possible to get my Mom on his boat and try get her to catch a fish. He thought the perfect spot would be off the mouth of the Klickitat and we'd use the sandy launch at Lyle to get her on board. With Mom's progressing dementia, she was really unsteady on her feet and it would be a Herculean effort to get her on board, let along catch a fish. I suggested the idea to Dad and he was all in. So, on Tuesday, October 7th the trip was on. Not only did we get Mom on the boat, Shane managed to get her a nice, big King that she reeled in all on her own. Best of all, we caught the whole thing on camera to have as a memory forever. Until next time, Good Fishing!