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Reports > 2018 > July > Tuesday 24
Tuesday, July 24, 2018
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. After replacing the starter and the starter solenoid in the Reinell, Marion and I were eager to get it out on the water again. So after yard work Sunday, we launched at Hydro Park and ran upriver to Rocky Reach Dam. Lines were in the water by 6pm with two on the downriggers and 17- and 20-feet and a third rod out the stern at 20-feet. There were only 6 other boats in the circle, so it gave me a chance to have Marion navigate more to get used to this whole salmon fishing thing. It was a gorgeous night with temperatures still in the 80's and hardly a breath of wind. We got a hit nearly right away on the inside downrigger rod, but it was gone in a flash. The approach was the same as last time with .00, silver herring dodgers with a pink hoochie trailing and some coonstriped shrimp with a dab of Graybill's Anise Formula. There was another boat in the circle that was catching fish like crazy and the fish were showing all over the surface. I finally went shallow to 10-feet and we hooked up. Until next time, Good Fishing!