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Reports > 2017 > November > Thursday 09
Thursday, November 9, 2017
By Dave Graybill
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. I never thought it was possible. That past couple weeks there has been something gnawing at me and I couldn't quite place it. It would come and go, but always lurk in the recesses of my mind. I'd wake up in the morning and that some thing would be hovering just behind my conscience. This morning, I finally figured out what it is. I miss steelhead fishing. Now for those avid steelhead fisherman out there, you're probably like, "yeah...AND?!" But this revelation for me is rather astonishing. I'm not a person who revels being cold and wet. And in my limited experience steelhead fishing since I was introduced to the sport in the early 2000's, given the time of year you do it in North Central Washington, you can pretty much bet you're going to be cold and wet. I believe the first time I went was with Dave and Brent Rhodes with KKRV. We were pulling plugs just below Wells Dam and for those on Facebook, you can see the photo of the beautiful fish I caught. Here's to actually getting a chance to fish for steelhead this winter! Until next time, Good Fishing!