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Reports > 2017 > November > Friday 03
Friday, November 3, 2017
By Dave Graybill
I had heard some good reports on the kokanee fishing at Lake Chelan. My first opportunity to try it myself was on Wednesday. My brother in law Tom Vershueren joined me and we put the boat in at the State Park. I ran up above the Yacht Club a ways and put the gear down. I had a Kokabow Talon squid spinner behind a Watermelon blade on one rod and the new Ravisher spinner behind an Eclipse on the other. I also put two rods out the back; one with the new Yellow Jacket blade and Talon spinner and the other with the Aurora blade and Talon spinner. I put the riggers down to 83 feet and the two rods out the back with 4 ounce lead balls a 77. They all got fish. It wasn’t red hot, but steady. We did get one triple, though, and 19 fish by 1 o’clock. It took until after 2 to get our last fish. The kokanee were in two distinct sizes. They were either 13 or 14 inches. We did get one that was 9 inches. We baited the spinners with either pink-stained or plain white shoe peg corn. It didn’t seem to matter. This is fantastic. Great kokanee fishing in November!