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Reports > 2017 > August > Wednesday 02
Wednesday, August 2, 2017
By Dave Graybill
Fish can sure frustrate us at times. I finally made it up to the Brewster Pool to do some summer-run salmon fishing with my brother Rick Graybill. We had high hopes. Everything seemed right for a good day. There are thousands of kings swarming around off the mouth of the Okanogan. The weather was good. We were rigged and ready. The fish didn’t care. We were the first boat to arrive and had our Super Baits stuffed with a great recipe and the herring cut and scented. As the dawn broke we could see that we were joined by a good-sized fleet of boats. My back rod bucked and I jumped on it. It was just a small sockeye that I shook off behind the boat. We continued to troll. We changed Super Bait colors and experimented with depths. The hot lure turned out to be the Rotten Banana color of Super Bait. It got hit a bunch, but produced only two released sockeye. In total we had nine good strikes, but only hooked three sockeye. We didn’t see many nets out either. We may have seen three other fish landed all morning. We limped home empty handed, but eager to try again soon!