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Friday, August 4, 2017
By Dave Graybill
The Wenatchee River opened to fishing for summer-run salmon on the 1st, and although this doesn’t attract the kind of attention of a sockeye opener on Lake Wenatchee, there are those who do well. Anglers who are familiar with the river and know the deep holes that these big kings like to hold in, have pretty good success. When I last checked the sockeye count over Tumwater Dam it was over 22,000. We need at least 23,500 for escapement needs and another four or five thousand to conduct a fishery. The hot weather hit at a bad time. Sockeye were pouring up the Wenatchee in very good numbers, but slowed when the temperatures hit the high 90s and 100s. They are still coming though, and everyone is keeping their fingers crossed in hopes of an announcement that will allow anglers to fish Lake Wenatchee for these prized fish. I want to remind anglers that consistent sockeye fisheries on Lake Wenatchee are a relatively new thing. Ten years ago we were only getting to fish once every four years—maybe. The abundance of sockeye returning to the lake in recent years has been a blessing. We can only hope it continues, and take care that we get enough fish to the White River for spawning.