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Reports > 2021 > September > Wednesday 29
Wednesday, September 29, 2021
By Dave Graybill
I have been saying that all we needed was some rain to move the coho salmon from the Wenatchee River into the Icicle. We didn’t get a lot, but it was enough. I was so confident that I took my gear this time when I went to check on the conditions on Tuesday. Just as stepped out of my truck to take a look I saw an angler setting the hook and land a nice fish. This was his second one of the morning. He was fishing from the handicapped platform but landed his first fish further downstream. I walked down to a point below him, and sure enough, there were fish splashing on the surface. I managed to hang up and lose a jig right away and then a “new line” issue added to my frustration. Finally, my jig got heavy and a big, and very bright coho rolled on the top of the water. He rolled a couple of times and threw the hook. The sight will haunt me until I get one to the bank. I am sure that will happen very soon. This is the leading edge of the run, and I am ready to greet them!
This angler landed this big coho just as I arrived at the Icicle River. This was his second of the morning.