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Monday, September 6, 2021
By Dave Graybill
I am planning another trip to Lake Roosevelt to fish for sturgeon. You may recall that I fished here with guide Kevin Witte in June and produced a video on our experience. You can view this video by going to the Dave Graybill channel on YouTube. We landed a sturgeon, that was just short of the slot limit and had to be released. Kevin wants me back as the area on Lake Roosevelt above China Bend has opened to sturgeon fishing, and that’s one of his favorite areas to find keepers. He wants to get his second fish of the season, and a couple for me. We ran up to China Bend on my last trip and in addition to being one of the better fishing areas for sturgeon on Lake Roosevelt, it is a very scenic portion of the big reservoir. I am sure that we will be using pretty much the same techniques and tackle that we did in June. This means anchoring in water over 100 feet deep, threading a squid on a very large hook and putting the bait on the bottom with a 16-ounce sinker. Then it’s a matter of waiting for the tell tale tick on the line, indicating a sturgeon has found the bait. When they decide to eat it and take off—that’s when the fun begins!
This was the sunset in Colville the night before our last sturgeon trip on Lake Roosevelt. We released a sturgeon the following day, just short of the slot limit.