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Reports > 2021 > January > Tuesday 19
Tuesday, January 19, 2021
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. OK, so what to do if you're not able to fish right now? When was the last time you organized your tackle box? As silly as that might sound, it will save you the anguish the next time you head for the water. I'm as guilty as the next guy of just tossing stuff in my box at the end of a day, rather than putting it away nicely. Marion gives me the "GRANSTROM" growl in her voice as I have her drive the boat while I take an inordinate amount of time untangling lures and flashers in my box while I'm trying to rig rods. Also, now's the time to do a little tender loving care on your lures, flashers and dodgers. Clean everything up with some warm, soapy water using lemon Joy. And, make sure it's nice and dry before putting it back in the tackle box. It's also a good time to check your reels and clean them if necessary. Use a Q-Tip to check rod guides for snags and sharpen your hooks. I also remove the last 6-feet of line on my rods just to be safe. Until next time, Good Fishing!