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Reports > 2021 > January > Friday 15
Friday, January 15, 2021
By Dave Graybill
Well, I finally got it done. It took me longer than usual to get my Winter fishing E-Letter out, but it has been distributed to my subscribers. It’s free and I have close to 2,000 people on my list. I have received a lot of new subscribers for this one, as I announced that it would be dedicated to the two really hot fisheries this winter, namely Lake Roosevelt and Rufus Woods Reservoir. The appearance of very good numbers of giant kokanee already this season has anglers very excited. Big kokanee, and I mean fish measuring 18 to 24 inches and weighing several pounds attracts people from throughout Washington and beyond. This should keep trollers busy on Lake Roosevelt from now through spring. I have never seen the number of 10-plus pound triploid rainbow being taken consistently than this year on Rufus Woods Reservoir. I started fishing Rufus last summer and when we started the fish averaged 4 to 6 pounds. By fall they were 6 to 8 pounds and now they are often tipping the scales over 10 pounds. In the free Winter E-Letter I describe in detail how to fish Lake Roosevelt for kokanee and Rufus Woods for triploids. You can get your free copy by logging onto and clicking on the E-Letter button at the top left hand side of the Home Page.
I got this big triploid on Dec. 21st and the two big kokanee on Lake Roosevelt on Dec. 11th. The great fishing is just getting started!