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Reports > 2018 > December > Tuesday 11
Tuesday, December 11, 2018
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. Socks. We can always use socks. It's the never-ending quandary for spouses or loved ones of those of us who love the outdoors. What to get them for Christmas? I go through socks like crazy. I'm not sure if its my callused heals or that fact I pull to hard on the upper end as I put them on, but I wear holes in my socks all the time. For me, I like the thick, wool socks. I'll even wear them through late spring because they give my feet some extra cushion. What else to get? A cordless, battery powered fillet knife would be stellar. The key with whatever you buy, is to get extra blades and extra batteries with more than one charging station. There's nothing more annoying than getting back from an outing with a mess of perch or walleye and run out of juice in your fillet knife. I'm also a big proponent of unique ways to store your fishing rods. I recently came across a system that utilizes the back of your garage door. It's called the Cobra Garage Door Storage Rack. A gift card also works really well. Until next time, Good Fishing!