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Reports > 2018 > December > Thursday 27
Thursday, December 27, 2018
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. The winter months for many North Central Washington anglers used to mean steelhead fishing. The ocean "blob" has raised havoc with our steelhead runs for the past several winters, however, so it's meant improvisation for those wishing to fish rather than toil with cabin fever. A real nice fishery for nice-sized trout is on Lake Roosevelt this time of year. If the boat ramp is still accessible at Spring Canyon just up from Grand Coulee Dam, you can launch there and fish from there straight across to Pine Tree Point and troll off the north beach all the way to the can line above the dam. The fish tend to run shallow this time of year and are very boat shy, so planer boards are a must. We've used corn or a night crawler behind a kokanee rig, such as a hoochie. Or, you can just simply use a Gold Florescent Red Rapala F7 Original Floater lure. We'd troll it 200-feet behind the planer board with the planer board up to 100-feet from the boat. For those on Facebook, you can see a video from a few January's ago with Shane Magnuson. Until next time, Good Fishing!