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Reports > 2017 > December > Friday 29
Friday, December 29, 2017
By Dave Graybill
Anglers that are willing to brave the chilly temperatures and get out in their boats are mostly chasing kokanee in the region. I got my first report of big kokanee being taken on Lake Roosevelt. The report indicated that the kokanee were found near Hunter, which is a ways up lake from Keller. It is the first sign that the fish are starting to move down the reservoir and should be found soon near the San Poil Arm and Keller. The bright spot on the region for kokanee continues to be Lake Chelan. Ten fish limits are still common on the big lake. This year kokanee have been found in very good numbers from the mouth of the channel at the Yacht Club all the way down to the Blue Roofs. I take my downriggers, and fish as deep as 80 feet. I then put two rods out the back with four ounce lead balls. I ease my Kokabow blades and spinners out to 70 feet on my line counter reels. I have had days when I get as many on the lead ball rigs as the on the downriggers. The kokanee will be fat 13 to 14 inches for the most part, with a few smaller fish in the mix.