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Reports > 2015 > September > Wednesday 02
Wednesday, September 2, 2015
By Dave Graybill
I had a couple of great fishing trips last week. One was for walleye in the Hanford Reach with my fishing buddies Brian Nielson and James LeBow of Moses Lake. We didn’t get a lot of walleye but the ones we caught were all on the big side. We think one weighed 7 pounds. My wife’s sister Karen Heim, her husband Ed and his Mom Janet visited last week, and they wanted to catch a salmon on the Columbia River. We took them up to Bridgeport, as I figured there would be some summer-runs hanging out in that area. Well, there were and we caught some dandies. We hooked eight and landed five and one was a keeper. We got a lot of very bright fish but the keeper looked dark to me. I was very pleased to see the meat was very orange when I cut into it. They had a couple of fresh salmon fillets to take home. Don’t forget about the seminar coming up on Tuesday, September 8th at Bob Feil Boats and Motors. Austin Moser will be showing you what you need to know to fish for fall kings at the Hanford Reach.