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Reports > 2022 > January > Monday 31
Monday, January 31, 2022
By Dave Graybill
I wanted to get the video I did on my fishing trip to Lake Roosevelt out while it is still early in the season, so I got the editing done the next day. If you are interested in fishing for kokanee and rainbow trout out of Spring Canyon this should be helpful. To watch it just go to the Dave Graybill channel on YouTube. I hope you enjoy it. On my way to Grand Coulee, I noticed that there were quite a few people parked on the dike near the Coulee City Marina. They were fishing through the ice just off the island out there. I hear the perch fishing has been pretty good and the ice safe. On my way home I saw people gathering in the parking lot at Coulee Playland. It was in the afternoon, and I know that many people fish through the ice here at night. They are targeting the big whitefish that migrate to this area on Banks in the winter. Closer to my home, the cold weather has kept the ice in good shape on Fish Lake, near Lake Wenatchee. This one of the most popular spots to fish for perch through the ice in the region.
Anglers are ice fishing off the edge of the island across from the marina at Coulee City.