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Reports > 2021 > August > Wednesday 25
Wednesday, August 25, 2021
By Dave Graybill
I had a great time with my brother Lane Graybill and his daughter Sophie on the Wenatchee River Monday. They wanted to catch a king salmon, and my bother had fixed them up with some spinning rods and bobbers. They had fished a hole below the bridge in Monitor several times without any luck, so I thought I would go along to see if I could help. They had good setups, but as you may know there is more to bobber and jig fishing than just casting out and letting it float down the river. I showed them that the bobber had to float vertical and how important it was to mend the line to keep a straight line to the bobber. You can’t have a big bow in your line and expect to hook a fish when the bobber goes down. They were both casting and keeping their lines straight after a few casts. There was a third rod and I cast to where I saw something splash against the bank. On about my third cast I hooked what turned out to be a pike minnow. I want to get back out with them. It’s fun just being along.
Here’s my niece Sophie Graybill casting a bobber and jig for salmon on the Wenatchee River.