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Reports > 2020 > October > Thursday 22
Thursday, October 22, 2020
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. Weren't we just complaining about it being hot and dry and not having any measurable rain for three months?! Now the forecast is calling for rain and snow this weekend with overnight temperatures falling into the 20's in many locations here in Eastern Washington. Pretty soon, we'll be looking longingly at our rod rack, thumbing through lures pining for the spring when we can emerge from our winter slumber and go fishing again. Actually, there are some things that are probably on your to-do list that should be done before winter's grip really gets ahold of us. I was thinking about that list while blowing out my irrigation lines yesterday. As I walked around the back of our new shop behind my boat, I contemplated winterizing the motors. For many outboards, that's just a matter of turning the fuel off while they run to eliminate the chance of plugging up fuel lines or corroding carburetors during the winter with bad gas. It doesn't hurt to toss a bottle of Sta-bil in the tank as well. And, while you're at it, change the oil. Work on that list and before you know it, spring will be here. Until next time, Good Fishing!